My top 10 of favorite black men

I was watching Pacific Rim and I was remembering the enthralling movie with Beyoncé and Idris Elba, Obsessed. And, yes, I get that a lot of people thought that movie was crap, but I thought it was exciting stuff. But I’m easy to please.

But how gorgeous and charming is Idris Elba? Well, he gets an A+ in my little black book (pun intended). So, I was thinking who else is black and gorgeous. And that’s how I came up with this list of beautiful men. If you have any more suggestions, I’m all ears!


1. Idris Elba

Next to being absolutely dreamy, he is also a very convincing actor. With movies like Prometheus, Takers, The Losers, and he plays Nelson Mandela in “A Long Walk to Freedom”, which is an appropriate fact at the moment, with recent events.

But that’s not all he is. He is also British, and a lot of girls go swooning when they find that out. Not me, though. I prefer my men to be (fake) Americans, like Robert Pattinson, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hardy and Kevin McKidd. Whatever accent Idris takes on, I will be tuning in.

2. Taye Diggs

This handsome man got famous as Dr. Sam Bennett in Private Practice and in real life is a doting father and a great husband (at least, that’s what I’ve heard) to the beautiful Idina Menzel. He was on one of the few posters I had hanging in my tiny little room whilst in Boston. And let me just say, my roommate didn’t mind. While she was staring at Chris Brown (not on my list!) all day, I had Taye Diggs watching over me.

3. Barack Obama

He’s the best-looking president of all-time, am I right? Even the boys can agree here. He got elected during my time in Boston, and the streets went wild when the news broke. Such an event, I would never forget. But that aside, I would never call Barack Obama hot, but he sure is good-looking and charming.

4. Jamie Foxx

I recently saw him in “White House Down” and in that movie, he was his regular self. A role he plays often (and very well too). But in movies like “Django Unchained” and “Ray”, he was simply spectacular. At the age of 46, this Texan-born man is a great sight to see, and I suspect, we won’t tire of him anytime soon.

5. Isaiah Mustafa

Maybe the name won’t ring a bell immediately, but with my next words, you will figure it out soon enough. Old. Spice. Commercials. Got it now? Need more hints? How about this? “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. I’m on a horse.” Read the whole script here.

And the video here.

6. Blair Underwood

For me, he’s Dr. Robert Leeds in “Sex and the City”, he’s Simon Elder in “Dirty, Sexy, Money” and he’s President Martinez in “The Event”. And he is one good-looking African-American! I sure hope he starts making more movies, so we can enjoy his beautiful features more often.

7. Lenny Kravitz

I can only call him an entertainer, since he does practically everything. Great musician (I love his old and new songs), not only as a singer, but he’s a great songwriter too. As an actor he’s growing immensely. Now more known as Cinna in The Hunger Games, but he also landed a role in “The Butler”, with more roles to come, I’m sure.

8. Denzel Washington

This name is known to all. His long list of movies include “John Q”, the emotional “Man on Fire”, “Deja Vu” and the more recent “Flight”. Wouldn’t you just love a hug from ol’ Denzel? I would! He seems like a genuinely good person. Married for 30 years with 4 kids and the way he stars in movies roughly once a year, I would say he spends his time a lot with his family. But little do I know, he could be playing bingo at the senior centre all day long for all I know. Right.. moving on.

9. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

I can’t help it, but I totally love this guy. I think he’s funny, hot and a great actor. He’s great in “Fast Five” and “Furious 6”, as I’m sure he’ll be great in the seventh installment (where we’ll need to say goodbye to the dear Paul Walker) of the series. He was hilarious in “Pain & Gain”, cool in “Be Cool” and I loved him in “Journey 2” as stepfather Hank.

10. Columbus Short

Seriously such a charming man. A sexy dancer in “Stomp the Yard”, tough Pooch in “The Losers” and ofcourse gladiator Harrison in “Scandal”. Hopefully, this 31-year old is gonna come at us some more with all kinds of roles. I can’t wait, ‘cause I want me some more of Mr. Short!

The ones who eventually didn’t make my list: Will Smith, Jesse Williams, Charles Michael Davis, Tyrese Gibbons and Ludacris. (oh my, why aren’t they on my list?)


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