30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 6

The '30 Day Movie Challenge' List

The ’30 Day Movie Challenge’ List

Day 6: My favorite comedy movie

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Yes, I know, there’s Ryan Gosling again. But damn, hasn’t he grown? And isn’t Emma Stone just great? She was already great in “Easy A”, but in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” she’s even greater. If you have seen this movie, you know what I’m talking about. This movie is incredible. And not just for us women, but men also like this movie. This movie was something of a surprise the first time I saw it. Steve Carell was a trip as a sad lonely man, Ryan Gosling is a horribly gorgeous bachelor (no surprise there though) and Julianne Moore is (as always) an amazing actress.

crazy, stupid, love

Plot of the movie: Emily tells Cal in a crowded restaurant she wants a divorce and Cal moves out of the house, and spends his nights drinking cocktails in a bar where the gorgeous Jacob decides to help Cal turn his life around. In the meantime Jacob meets the funny Hannah (Emma Stone), Cal’s son falls in love with his babysitter and David (Kevin Bacon) tries to seduce Emily. Eventually all the characters come together to get to a splashy climax that will rock your world.

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