Sunshine Award

“Wow. What?”

That was my first thought after reading the message that I got nominated for a Sunshine Award. Thank you so much, Primetime Addiction!

sunshine award

I have actually just recently started writing a blog, and who knew it would be so addictive? And most of all, who knew someone would actually read it??

And there you have it, I have been nominated by Primetime Addiction and now it is my job to nominate ten others. Here they are.

1. Gendermom – “My Daughter has an erection.”

2. Natashaharmeryear1 – Films and things.

3. The F Word – Photography, videos and inspiration.

4. Anna Lea West – Great writer with amazing personal posts.

5. Fatshion Hustlings – “Because people are fat sometimes.”

6. Escaping Reality – Books as an escape.

7. The Pineapple Blog – Ramblings about tv and food.

8. Megan Furborough – Everything televion. She’s new, but I expect more great things.

9. Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies – All Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan.

10. Journalitico – Published writer, tv shows, photography and more.

Well, there you have it. Blogs I like to read. And I think it’s pretty obvious I like to watch movies and series.

Here are some other interesting things you might or might not know about me.

1. I’m half French, half Dutch, and I dream of being part Bostonian in there somewhere too.

2. My passion is movies and tv shows, and it would be hard to live without.

3. I live in the south of Holland.

4. I love reading books. Sappy, sci-fi, dramatic, and more.

5. I am a true traveller at heart and I hope to see much more of the world.

6. I have an amazing, loving boyfriend.

7. If I could pick a career, it would involve movies. Maybe directing of casting.

8. My favorite day is the day I can relax with some wine (or tea) and watch whatever I feel like.

9. I love to experiment in the kitchen. This turns out bad sometimes, and I apologize to my man.

10. I have a chaotic mind and I always plan everything ahead. “Quiet in there. Try to relax.” (It never helps.)

Again, thank you for the nomination, Primetime Addiction. It was truly a great surprise.

And for the ones who are here reading this, stay tuned for more of my “30 Day Movie Challenge” posts, my “Song of the Day” and find out more about me here.

For those of you that I have nominated, here are the rules:

  1. Display the Award on your blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who awarded you.
  3. Present 10 deserving bloggers with the Award.
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their award with a comment.
  5. Write 10 interesting things about you.



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