30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 4

The '30 Day Movie Challenge' List

The ’30 Day Movie Challenge’ List

Day 4: My favorite horror movie

What Lies Beneath

This one I had trouble with. Would I pick “Insidious”, “Mama”, “Drag me to Hell” or maybe “The Conjuring”? Then I figured those four titles were very recent, and horror movies have been around for much longer than one year. So, I asked myself: ‘What movie scared the hell out of me back in the day?’ Then I came up with a couple of titles: “Jeepers Creepers”(I was home alone, and I couldn’t get to sleep at all. “Friends” was my savior.), “The Exorcist”, “Halloween” (Jamie Lee Curtis is one of those actresses who get forgotten too quickly) and “What Lies Beneath”.

Put Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford together, and what can go wrong? This horror/thriller from the year 2000 still makes me scream, hide and gasp. And that’s exactly what horror movies are supposed to do. It’s supposed to scare and surprise you, and nowadays horror movies kind of make me laugh at its stupidity. Don’t get me wrong, I love stupid movies, because I love laughing my ass off.

What Lies Beneath

But “What Lies Beneath” is one of those horror movies, that I even stop breathing  looking at the cover of the dvd (okay, I admit, I overreact). I love me some horror movies, and I usually watch them all. The way you think it’ll be better watching it through your fingers, or the way you hold your boyfriend’s hand so tightly, even he gets scared. Or the way you walk back to your car thinking someone (or something) is behind you. I love the adrenaline it gets you.

Here are some more horror movies you should definitely watch for your much-needed adrenaline kick:

–          Disturbia

–          Wrong Turn

–          Skeleton Key

–          The Amityville Horror

–          Splice (guaranteed goose bumps!)

–          Scream

–          Devil (The Devil in an elevator, genius!)

–          The Descent

–          The Hills Have Eyes

Challenge: What horror movie can you recommend me, that I haven’t already seen?

Challenge accepted??


4 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 4

  1. What Lies Beneath is a very underrated homage to Hitchcock, and contains one of my favourite Michelle Pfeiffer performances ever.
    One scene that particularly sticks in my mind is the bathtub showdown in the final act, where despite having her motor skills temporarily impaired and her face completely frozen, Michelle manages to convey tragic, bone-chilling desolation through only her eyes and a shivery release of breath. Incredible!

  2. I agree with you! And yes, the bathtub scene is notorious, at least for me. That’s why I like the cover so much! Thanks for your comment.

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