Being myself

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a strong sense of always being me. Sometimes in a stubborn and provocative kind of way. Especially in high school, I would sometimes wear strange and eccentric clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a goth or a floozy. I was just always in search of me, and whatever went with that.  One day I would wear normal clothes, like jeans and a t-shirt, and the other day I would come into class wearing a pink outfit, white sneakers, sports socks and a short ‘out-of-bed’ hairdo. I was always ready to shock people and show them I truly didn’t care.

And that was really the case. I dressed the way I wanted to dress, cut my hair short if I wanted to, and I would just laugh away reactions and criticism. And the next day, I would just do it again. Let me just say this, before you get the wrong idea, I wasn’t a rebel. I wasn’t particularly recalcitrant. I almost never had any problems with my parents. I wasn’t a big rule-breaker. I just loved exploring and it would excite me if I could shock people a bit in the process.

Luckily, this was just a phase. Imagine me still being that girl! No, I have found my interests, my needs and everything that’s important to me. And I believe this is partly because I had a fase like this one. It was all part of developing into the young, confident and fearless woman I am now.

And who am I then?

I am upbeat, hopeful and hard to satisfy (isn’t this true for all women?). I push myself to always do better and I try not to think too much of other people’s reactions. Except for instructive criticism by people I trust, but this is self-evident.

I cautiously call myself a television craze. I cannot say this any other way, I am simply in love with moving images that come from the tube. I use the word ‘cautiously’ because I do find some genres uninteresting and several movies and television shows are frankly speaking just dreadful. For instance, I have a fondness for movies that include actors I like. It’s extremely possible for me to not know the outline of the movie, but still I can be intensely excited for this particular movie with this particular actor to hit theatres. I am kooky that way.

If a woman would win a bunch of money, and she may spend it on one or two products, usually she would spend it on clothes. Probably not me. (I don’t want to be pinned down to this statement in case this should happen, by the way.) As much as I like to look nice and dress up, I have a larger fondness for movies, tv shows and books. And with this fondness comes the urge to own all these things. My favorite television shows on dvd, my favorite movies on blu-ray and my books in paperback, instead of on my iPad.

To stay fit, I like to go to the gym, go dancing and walk to my destinations instead of driving. (This depends on the distance, obviously.) I can also be a health fanatic at times. I include fruit and vegetables in my daily intake. I take my vitamins if necessary and I try to heed my sugar and snack consumption. But, like we all do, I have my weak spots. This includes fries, chips and coke (not the drugs, thank you very much). I count myself lucky that I don’t like chocolate very much, so I don’t binge on that sugary snack.

My new addiction is called Netflix. I know this isn’t new at all in the States, but here in this small and cold country called The Netherlands, it is. A lot of the offered contents I have seen already. That’s why I started a couple of tv shows I haven’t seen, ever. I started Prison Break (now a huge fan!), Orange is the New Black and Gossip Girl. Even though Netflix doesn’t own the newest episodes, and most recent movies, I still love getting home and turning on Netflix for a nice and quiet evening.

Another addiction I have now, is this blog. In school, the teachers sporadically told us to start writing a blog, but I never saw the point. Recently, someone told me it would help me develop as a person and position myself in the business life. But the actual reason I started this blog, was because I thought I would enjoy voicing my thoughts. And, well, I just love writing in English and pen down who I am, and why I think everyone is unique in their own way. Hopefully, this blog will give you an accurate idea of who I am. And if you envisage me being a crazy woman, in the good sense of the word, then you are spot-on.


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