30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3

The '30 Day Movie Challenge' List

The ’30 Day Movie Challenge’ List

Day 3: My favorite action/adventure movie

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is now a hot topic, because of the recent release of the second installment of the trilogy. But The Hunger Games were valuable to me, even before everyone knew about it being a movie. I had read the books in one go, and I absolutely loved them. After telling everybody about Suzanne Collins’ books, it became aware to me that there would be a movie coming out based on those amazing books.

75th Hunger Games

The first part of The Hunger Games was truly a great sight to see, but now having seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, there is no stopping me! Jennifer Lawrence (now being called J-Law everywhere on the internet), Josh Hutcherson (who also starred in “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “The Kids Are All Right”) and Liam Hemsworth (the handsome man who starred next to Miley Cyrus in “The Last Song” and then got engaged to her, not even mentioning he’s Thor’s baby brother!) as Katniss, Peeta and Gale are marvelous.

And truly, I find the movies to be pretty accurate in regard to the books. In comparison to other books made into films, I find this to be very true. Ofcourse, some things had to be changed or the movie would have lasted longer than four hours! Some characters were cut off, some details changed to shorten the scenes, but a lot of dialogue stayed exactly the same as in the book. Just one thing that I did miss in both movies: more of Gale.

Back to the movie itself, The Hunger Games is my favorite action/adventure movie, because I find the acting very refreshing, the story to be fascinating and the characters to be very compelling. Not to mention finding it funny, sad, exciting and exhilirating all at once. Especially Effie and Haymitch I think are hilarious!

In any case, I’m a part of a huge fanbase (I’m Team Gale!) that can’t wait for next year, when the first part of Mockingjay will be coming out.

The Hunger Games


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