30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 2

The '30 Day Movie Challenge' List

The ’30 Day Movie Challenge’ List

Day 2: The Last Movie I Watched

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips is based on a true story AND from the director of “The Bourne Ultimatum”. There you have it, the first two reasons to go watch this movie. Here’s the rest.

Captain Phillips

This movie is shockingly good. With the emphasis on ‘shockingly’. I was truly shocked on how violent piracy still is. Okay, before I go any further, I’m going to make a confession. (Please don’t laugh..) I thought piracy was a myth. Invented particularly to make great movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. But alright, piracy is a real thing, and it was an eye opener.

Great acting by Tom Hanks (when does he not act greatly?) as Captain Rich Phillips. Terrifying appearances by the Somali pirates and simply an engrossing thriller.

I won’t go and give you all kinds of spoilers, since this is a recent movie. But this movie is a must-watch, with a great build-up and realistic characters that make this movie as real as the story is.

I hope you don’t get seasick. This movie is 134 minutes long, but Captain Phillips (and its amazing and emotional ending) is totally worth it!

My 30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 1


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