Being my own adventure

At the age of 8 I discovered one of the most horrific movies of all time: Stephen King’s “It”. And why you might ask? My dad told me it would be part of an essential education that couldn’t be left out of life (with a wink). He sat me and my cousin down in front of the television and told us we’d have a laugh.

This was one of those moments that defined my life. And, no, not because of my dad and his great parental skills. FYI, my dad’s one of the best there are. No, watching “It” while being that young can either scar you for life (this is what happened to my cousin) or it could spark an interest in movies altogether. The latter being me.

My name’s Manon, and I was born in Holland. My parents took my sister and me all over the world, including my current favorite places of all time: the States, Spain and France. My mom is a proud French woman and she raised me with the French language, its cooking and its well-known spirited zest.

I also respond to Nona.

While living in Boston, Massachusetts, I figured out Manon is not an easy name to pronounce. At least for English speaking  people it isn’t. Try it out in a proper American way, and your colleague/classmate/friend/mom will probably look at you cross-eyed and they are probably wondering where the hell you’re putting your man on. (Probably not a pedestal, knowing how men can be)

But who am I really? I am my own adventure. Always looking for the next best thing. These things are personal and not all of us have these same things. That’s why I thought it would be nice to start my own blog. Not with the intention of starting a riot, being the next best thing or finding fame.

I’m starting my own blog for one reason, and one reason only. Being my own challenging “It”. Nothing more, nothing less.



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